New H.O.G.® Logo

For 30 years, you’ve made Harley Owners Group® one of the most positive and lasting identities in the motorcycle world. Your connection to the Motor Company has helped make Harley-Davidson® what it is today. There are no words to express how grateful we are for that.

From the beginning, the iconic H.O.G.® logo has represented the passion of our riders. No matter where in the world you might find yourself, chances are you’ll find a fellow rider wearing that very same logo. Recognition of this global symbol of freedom, independence, and love of the open road has always created an instant and powerful bond.

But 30 years of anything – even a good thing – is a long time. So we went to you, our members, to lead change and direct where to go next with this powerful symbol. We talked to members around the world at rallies, events, chapter meetings, training sessions, and petrol stations.

We even took a few formal surveys. What we heard from you confirmed what we also felt: the time has come to refresh the look.

You told us you wanted an “evolution,” not a “revolution.” And when we put four new designs up for a vote, more than 100,000 of you raised your voice, and the results were clear.

Eyes Forward

The new logo captures the spirit of the original, evolving the design while still being instantly recognizable by legions of H.O.G.® members around the world.

The Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield is at its heart, declaring H.O.G.® as the official riding club of H-D®. Now, more than ever, the world will know that H.O.G.® and Harley-Davidson® are one and the same, completely inseparable.

Finally, the eagle shifts its gaze, looking toward new horizons and the next 30 years of H.O.G.® adventure, fun, and friendship.

Thank you for being an essential part of this historic process. We’re excited about where this club has been and where we’re headed. And we’re thrilled to be riding beside you.

Center of attention

Ever get the feeling that everyone is staring at you? That’s the sense I got when I wore this new prototype H.O.G.® patch on my vest this summer.

Everywhere I wore it, people asked me about it. “Where did you get that?” “Can I get one?” “Is that going to be the new H.O.G.® logo?” Even the woman who sewed the patch onto my jacket wanted to know! I just played it cool. I told everyone I was “doin’ some research” and asked them what they thought about it.

And do you see that Bar & Shield outline kind of “hidden” in the skull? That’s important. We included a Bar & Shield in the new official H.O.G.® logo, too, to emphasize the connection between the club and H-D.® No question about it, H.O.G.® is Harley-Davidson® – and vice-versa. We want to make sure that comes through loud and clear.

Not surprisingly, most people loved it. Also not surprisingly, some people didn’t. “I really don’t like skulls,” some said.

And that’s just fine. I’ve always said, if you put 100 members in a room, you’d have 100 different personalities and opinions – and they’d all be right. Just as Harley® riders all want to put their own twist on the bike they ride, H.O.G.® members want to put some of their own personality into how they represent our club.

We know that members want to show they’re proud to be a part of H.O.G.®, but they don’t necessarily want to wear the same patch as everyone else. It’s about freedom. And choices. And expressing your own individual style. Everybody wants to ride their own road – and that’s just as it should be.

So, like the eagle in the new logo, keep your eyes focused on the road ahead. Besides the skull patch (including the Bar & Shield outline) and the new logo members helped select, there’s a lot of great stuff just around the corner.

Give it a go. Get some new gear and take it out for a spin. You may not get the same rock star treatment I did, but I promise you’ll turn more than a few heads.

See you down the road,

J.T. Hasley
Harley-Davidson® Motor Company
U.S. H.O.G.® Events Manager

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